Writing Workshop for Adults

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2 Dec 2023


Saturday 2nd December, 11am - 2pm

Poetry and creative writing workshop facilitated by award winning writer Frances Browner. With exercises and prompts, this workshop will help you: Get Started; Develop your craft; Journal your thoughts; Find your voice; Grow as a writer; Find the form your writing takes – whether it be poems, memoir, fiction. Suitable for all.

Writer/healer Pat Schneider says: “Everyone is a writer. All over the world, in every culture, human beings have carved into stone, written on parchment, birch bark, or scraps of paper and sealed into letters–their words. Those who do not write stories and poems on solid surfaces tell them, sing them, and in so doing, write them on the air. Creating with words is our continuing passion.”

William Stafford said - A writer is someone who writes. And Charlotte Bronte - I write because I have to.

For Frances Browner, the writing workshop is a place to put thoughts, no matter how banal, on paper; to share among a trusted group with confidence and to gain support and encouragement.

For more than twenty years, Browner has been helping writers find and liberate their voices - Secondary School & College students; active retirement groups, acquired brain injury and rehab daycare residents.

Tickets: €10